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Founded in 2015, Huru is a Toronto-based software company offering a full range of consulting, design, planning, and development services. Our number one goal is to utilize our wide range of experience to develop custom software that meets your business needs.

From requirement discovery to project launch, we're with you every step of the way. Recognizing the need for ongoing service and support, we offer end-to-end technical support. Whether you're looking for a full software suite, or just to modify your existing systems, we'll work with you to reach your goals.

  • Java
  • Node
  • Frontend
  • Docker
  • Mobile

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We can handle every phase of a project, from start to finish. We serve as our client’s in-house development staff, working on new product development, porting applications to new platforms, developing custom applications, or building system integrations. Our team of experienced project managers, analysts, system architects, GUI designers, software developers, technical writers, and quality assurance specialists each bring their own unique insights, and a wealth of knowledge to our software development process.

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our work

  • Web Application

    Deals Site

    Two single page applications using Angular JS along with a highly scalable and stateless RESTful server (APIs) to manage product deals in Amazon usin the Amazon Product Advertising Api.

  • Database migration plugin using a custom XML extractor based on the XML Migration Plugin for JIVE that extracted data along with binary content from Eloqua, and then loaded into Oracle’s site.



  • Single page application using Angular JS along with a mobile application built with Ionic/Cordova and a stateless RESTful server (APIs) to track assets by user or location.

    Web and Mobile App

    Asset Tracking

  • Single page application using MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular JS, and NodeJS) in charge of monitoring products’ statuses.

    Web Application

    Alerts Dashboard

  • Middleware application between Your Membership and Jive to allow SAML 2.0 authentication.


    User Federation

  • Middleware application that pulls in user data from external files (CSV), consolidating relevant employee information in Jive to create a single, unified directory.


    Users Profile Tool

  • We create brands, provide website design, handle digital marketing, and build digital experiences that connect with your audience.


    Websites & Branding

  • Custom Jive plugin to manage calendar events from Office 365 by pulling / pushing data from Office 365 using OAuth 2.0


    Outlook 365

  • We develop mobile apps optimized for usability and performance while ensuring adequate security of sensitive and business-critical information. Our mobile app experts use industry leading development tools and environments to develop iOS, Android and hybrid mobile apps.

    iOS & Android

    Mobile Apps

  • Modular chat server based upon Node.js and Socket.io. The application was designed to be easily turned into a distributed fault-tolerant service in order to scale at will using Redis


    Chat Server

  • Customize Jive to improve the overall experience (1 million users daily) when browsing gaming discussion boards for the following games: Fallout 4, Doom and Skyrim.


    Gaming Communities

what we do

software development

Our approach considers every facet of software development, to ensure each project performs well, and is both maintainable and extensible. We work to deliver a product that not only fits your budget and timeline, but also exceeds all your expectations.

Cloud management and scalability

Our consulting services help organizations realize their cloud goals, starting from planning to implementation and operation. We help architecting your "move-to-cloud" plan either for existing enterprise apps or first native cloud apps.

software customization

Content management systems (CMS) are as unique as the clients and businesses they are developed for. Our mandate is to bring together the limitless possibilities, in order to create a solution that meets your needs.


  • java
  • branding
  • Node
  • ui design
  • plugins
  • javascript
  • jive
  • docker
  • mobile

meet the team

  • Juan Pablo Francisconi

    Software Engineer Co-Founder

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    Juan Pablo Francisconi

    Juan is a results-driven, customer-focused, articulate and analytical Full Stack Software Engineer with the ability to think "outside the box." He has proven experience architecting and developing highly available and scalable web applications in JavaScript, Java and Scala.

  • Erick Dovale

    Software Engineer Co-Founder

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    Erick Dovale

    Erick is a Senior Software Engineer with a proven ability to build high performance, stateless, secure, data driven applications with quality code. With an interest in making technology a business enabler, he's always looking for the most elegant, flexible solutions to problems so he can quickly provide real value to stakeholders.


Huru's co-founders, Erick Dovale and Juan P. Fancisconi, are both computer scientists and software engineers. With over 30 years of software development experience between them, Erick and Juan formed Huru to provide their clients with a solid foundation to maximize the value technology solutions can offer their organizations.

Team Leads

Our development teams are lead by Rafa Horowitz and Gaston Elhordoy. Both Rafa and Gaston are highly experienced software engineers with strong technical backgrounds, as well as both staff and client management skills. Each of our team leads take an active role in company-wide initiatives, and frequently contributes to the open source community.

  • Rafa Horowitz

    Software Engineer Team Lead

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    Rafa Horowitz

    Rafa is a full-stack software engineer with a focus on building highly interactive web applications. For over fifteen years he has helped organizations with application development, architecture, operations, and project management. He has a passion for solving complex problems using elegant designs.

  • Gaston Elhordoy

    Software Engineer Tech Lead

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    Gaston Elhordoy

    Gaston is a software engineer with experience in a variety of web and mobile technologies. He's primarily focused on exploring and building decentralized systems mostly in Javascript, while staying conscious of security and online privacy. He is a great team player, proactive and a role model when it comes to collaboration.

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